Relicx Use Case

Measure software release risk

Relicx’s DevOps release management tool provides engineering teams with a CX release risk score to continuously measure and improve customer experience and quality.

Test user flows in CI/CD pipeline

Tests generated by Relicx can then be run in your DevOps release pipeline. Our enterprise release management software runs tests in parallel to minimize test execution time across development and staging environments. By running tests on aggregated real user flows, your testing is highly efficient and effective. No more sprawl from tests that don't represent how customers are actually using your product.

Have confidence in the DevOps release process

Relicx scores each build based on quality as seen by the customer, providing a powerful DevOps release tool for ensuring a high-quality, successful release. You can see how many sessions are predicted to be healthy, testing status, the number of broken flows, and the percentage of user impact that broken flows will have to determine an overall software release risk assessment.

Unified quality dashboard

The Relicx dashboard provides DevOps teams a unified quality view of your application across software development lifecycle phases. See an at-a-glance summary of production, customer experience health and release risk of your upcoming release. Our data-driven DevOps release management risk assessment gives your team the freedom to ship with confidence and focus on the next build.

Transform testing with AI and real user insights.

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