Relicx Use Case

Auto-generate user flows and tests

Relicx’s automatically identifies user flows and generates end-to-end tests to exactly simulate how customers actually use your application.

Identify UX patterns with user flows

Using unsupervised ML, Relicx's front end automated testing tools learn common usage patterns to enable aggregated UX analysis, troubleshooting, and testing. User flows show how clusters of users with common interactions, common devices, common locations, and other similarities are using your application in production. So, at-a-glance, you can see which user flows are most popular and which flows have UX or performance issues to troubleshoot.

Generate real world end-to-end tests

Based on actual user flows, Relicx generates end-to-end front end web developer tests that simulate the steps users executed. Tests are fully parameterized and may be edited with full control over steps, input parameters, and assertions.

Create test suites

Minimize time fixing broken tests with AI-powered self-healing tests and add / phase out new tests as your application evolves.

Transform testing with AI and real user insights.

Who we are

We are on a mission to revolutionize DevOps with AI and real user experience.


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