Relicx Use Case

Debug production issues fast

Relicx provides complete front end monitoring to quickly find and fix bugs that your users are experiencing.

Capture live user sessions

Relicx records live user sessions using an ultra lightweight script tag. Relicx then starts real end user experience monitoring, looking for DOM mutations, backend calls, and interaction events. No PII or confidential data is captured. Just data on how users interact with your application.

Front end monitoring of unhealthy user trends

The health trends real user monitoring tools show healthy and unhealthy sessions over time, giving you instant insight into UX errors. Filter for errors and slow page loads to spot emerging trends that require attention.

Replay user sessions and share insights

Once performance issues are detected, drill into a real user session details report that shows you exactly how a user interacted with your app. Video user session replay with heat maps let you watch the session from the user point of view. Click-by-click interactions for all DOM events are shown in sync next to video playback to pinpoint where the HTML, CSS or JavaScript error occurred. Share website session recordings with your development, QA, and customer support team.

Quickly debug UX issues

Once errors monitored have been identified with our front end error monitoring solution, a detailed problem report shows browser, device detail, stack trace, and pages impacted for further investigation. Use the developer console with logs and network waterfall to pinpoint the root cause.

Auto-generate tests from sessions

Ensure the UX problem doesn't recur by front end testing the issue based on the broken session in seconds. Tests are parameterized and fully editable to maximize flexibility and effectiveness. Once a test is created, validate future code changes against the test in staging to ensure there aren't issues before the next release.

Transform testing with AI and real user insights.

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