Relicx tests your application exactly the way it’s used in production by starting with the real user experience. With Relicx, you can:


Release 10x faster

Ship with confidence knowing you've tested the way users actually use your product.

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Increase developer productivity

Save dozens of hours each sprint creating and maintaining tests.

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Fix customer issues fast

Proactively identify problem user sessions, quickly diagnose and resolve issues.

How it works

Observe quality in production

Capture live user sessions using an ultra lightweight script tag. Proactively identify sessions with errors or performance issues. Measure the magnitude of impact across your user base to focus development effort on the highest priority issues.

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Generate real-world tests

Extract real user flows from live user sessions using unsupervised machine learning and automatically generate end-to-end tests based on real user flows. Edit tests with full control over steps, input parameters, and assertions.  Minimize time fixing broken tests with AI-powered self-healing tests and add/phase out new tests as your application evolves.

Release with confidence

Automate test runs in CI/CD pipeline and visualize test runs on a live Kanban board. Assess release readiness based on the customer impact of broken flows and impact of individual code changes to the overall quality score.

Monitor production.
monitor production.

Fix bugs with full user context

Monitor user sessions and improve experience with full session video replay.  Learn user behavior with heatmaps and scrollmaps and quickly diagnose issues with console logs and network waterfalls.  Validate fixes through auto-generated tests.

"Fixing a UX issue I couldn't repro used to take the entire sprint. Now it's 10x faster with Relicx."

Software engineer, Fortune 500 company

"Using Relicx helped us reduce the number of unhealthy sessions by over 30%."

Abhishek, Founder of Webmarked

"This is really great. At my company, we have separate UX, Developers, and Testers and I can see this being useful to all three of them."

Developer, mid-sized IT services company

"I've heard of tests being automatically generated, but it kind of blows my mind."

Developer, mid-size technology company
Omar, Sr. Staff Developer

Zero to customer-driven quality in five minutes!

Who we are

We are on a mission to bring digital experience management into DevOps.


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